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  • Updated: 13/09/2021
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What we do

Fast Business loans offer information about small business lenders in an easy to understand manner that will give business leaders the confidence to select the right lender.

Our goal is to help you find the right lender for your needs and provide practical information when choosing a lender. Many lenders don’t convey the information about their products in a way that is easy to understand on their website, and we at Fast Business Loans aim to fill that gap. While we don’t give financial advice, we try to make it easy for small business owners to make a decision when choosing a financial lender.

We deep dive into the details you need to know when it comes to choosing a small business lender. This is usually through in-depth reviews of the online lenders and their products. Our reviews explain the types of loans the lender offers, the amount you can borrow and their costs and anything else you should know.

In addition to deep dives, we also do lender comparisons and head-to-head reviews of lenders and loan types so if you are struggling to decide between a lender, we can help you move forward.

Editorial Guidelines

Fast Business Loans is on a mission to provide useful, unbiased and actionable information about business lenders for business owners.

To ensure we can achieve our goals and maintain the trust of our readers we are transparent about how we make money through the site. When performing reviews and comparisons we implement the following guidelines which ensures editorial integrity and removes bias in our reviews

Our Mission

  • Deliver readers with the quality content they deserve. This means unbiased and accurate content.
  • Deliver fair, truthful and honest review for all lenders.
  • Any partner arrangement we have will not affect the editorial integrity of our content

Editorial Integrity and Independence

  • We take pride in our content and promise all our reviews are well-researched, accurate, regularly updated, and fact-checked.
  • Reviews, comparisons, and other pages are written objectively and are based on facts the lender has provided on their website or via direct consultation with the lenders customer supprt.
  • Fast Business Loans content is original, free from the influence of partners we may have
  • Any opinions and assessment made by Fast Business Loans are the opinion of our writers alone
  • Fast Business Loans does not accept payment or gifts to write reviews that may be favourable or unfavorable

Yes, This Website Makes Money

We promise you our reviews are unbiased, honest and accurate, all reviews and comparisons are consistent with our mission statement. This means we write with integrity and honesty and we don’t receive money for favourable (or unfavourable) content about lenders products.

Despite all this, Fast Business Loans is a business and to keep bringing you the best content, we need an effective profit model.

How We Make Money

We know we sound like a broken record, but we do not receive payment to write reviews, Fast Business Loans do not receive gifts or compensation to write content or influence what we write in our content. We adhere to our mission statement and editorial guidelines.

So how do we make money then? Fast Business Loans makes money through referral partnerships. This means we receive a commission when you sign up with a lender we have a partnership arrangement with.

To be clear, we don’t receive pay for the content we write, but we do benefit when you sign up with a lender because you liked our review about the lender.

While this might sound like a motive for us to write a good review about the lender, this is not the case. We protect our integrity by only partnering with lenders we have a favourable impression of and think our readers should know about. If the lender does not deliver the high standard, our readers deserve, we will not partner with them.

We value our reputation more than any money an average or poor lender can offer us. Our incentive to maintain our integrity is strong, if we start pushing lenders that cannot deliver then our readers won’t trust us and this will impact our ability to deliver to our partners.

You Apply For Loans Directly With Our Partners, Not Via Our Website

All our reviews and comparisons have ‘call to action’ buttons that link you directly to the lender’s website. This means you are signing up with the lender directly through their website.

As you are signing up directly with the lender, you are not signing up through our website, this means we have no influence on your loan arrangement with any lenders. We are not lenders and we are not licenced to negotiate loans so we cannot have any involvement with the sign-up process. We simply send you to the lender’s website and a representative from the lender will then contact you once you fill in an application form on their website.

Do We Make Money In Other Ways?

Yes, If we have high regard for a particular lender, then we may accept a mutually beneficial arrangement with the lender to place them in primary positions on our website.

For example, if we have a best lenders comparison table, we might have this lender in a slot that is more noticeable. A good placement will bring lenders more traffic and lenders will pay for this exposure.

This placement however does not mean we are sacrifice our mission statement or editorial integrity. If the lender is not worthy of a position in the table then we will not accept payment from them for a place on the table nor does it change the content we write about the lender. We only accept payment for placement from lenders that are already worthy of a spot on our table.

Meet the Team

David Levy

David is an online content manager from Melbourne, Australia. He has multiple degrees including in Business Systems, Human Resources, and Media Communications. He is fanatical about researching, so loves to deep dive trying to find everything possible about a given subject. Consequently, David finds content writing the perfect career choice as it allows him to really explore subjects.

When David isn’t researching and writing about the business lending industry, you can find him doing the same for the Forex trading Industry.

When David hasn’t gone down a research rabbit hole, you can find him at the gym, cooking amazing dishes from scratch, or dreaming of his next overseas trip.

We Welcome Feedback

We welcome all kinds of feedback. We want to know about the things we are doing well and the things we are doing wrong.

We are always looking to improve the website, and we rely on our readers to help us make the website better. There is no magic formula or standard template for writing lender reviews or building comparison websites so we are learning as we go.

Feel free to contact us via our contact page to submit feedback.

Fast Business Loans provides factual information about lending products for businesses. Information provided is taken from the lender's website or by contacting the lender's support for information. While we make efforts to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date, the information provided published on this website should be treated as of general nature so
1. Fast Business Loans cannot guarantee information provided on our website matches details on the lender's website
2. While we attempt to cover all the lender's main loan products, users of this website should not expect all products are covered.
3. This website does not consider your business needs, objectives or financial circumstances so it not recommending any particular products.
4. Fast Business Loans recommend reading the lenders product disclosure statements before taking up any financial product offer.
Our website is completely free for all viewers of this website. Though FastBusinessLoans may receive a payment from some lenders, we maintain independence and objectivity when it comes to reviews and rankings. If you do apply for a product through this website, you will be dealing directly with the provider of that product and not with us.